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Corporate Yoga

Employees who report a high degree of stress in their lives miss twice as many work days as employees who report a low degree of stress. And while a mild amount of stress can help us meet deadlines, too much stress, or constant stress, can interfere with numerous physical and mental abilities. How we respond to stress can have a significant impact on our total health. Yoga can remove stress from the body and mind

We have designed a Yoga program specifically focused on corporate employees to reduce stress and tension and become more physically fit. This yoga program will be great way to raise the moral and bring everyone together in a fun way.

We guarantee that yoga class with one of our certified instructors will leave your employees refreshed, re-energized and ready to deal with workplace stress.

Corporate Yoga Programs Have Many Benefits

  • Employees that are happy and full of energy, and as a result, more productive.
  • Decline in stress-related sick occurrences.
  • Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task.
  • Improves employee alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations.

What You Need?

  • Our instructor will come to your office ff you have quite and comfortable space in your office.
  • We can also arrange for special class for your employees at our studio.
  • Each person will need a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a water bottle.

Please complete the contact form and we will schedule time to provide overview of our program.