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Prenatal Yoga

This class offers a gentle, strengthening flow to prepare the body and mind for birth and beyond. Students will benefit with improved blood circulation to decrease swelling, poses to enhance optimal fetal positioning for labor, and breath and body awareness to carry you through the rapid changes your body experiences during pregnancy.

Myofascial release will be incorporated as well to ease the pressures of pregnancy and motherhood on your body. This class is perfect for second- and third-trimester mamas as well as postnatal mamas. Classes will incorporate props and offer modifications for all stages of pregnancy—for beginners and once-in-a-whilers to seasoned yogis alike. The Prenatal yoga class is led by a certified yoga instructor (RYT) who is also a new mama and has recently completed her 100 hour prenatal yoga training from a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS) through Yoga Alliance