Tips and Techniques

Regular yoga practice offers both mental and physical health benefits.

Yoga Tips and Techniques

Today, the ancient meditative practice of yoga has become increasingly popular in the busy, modern society. Yoga, for many people, offers a retreat from your busy and chaotic life.

Whether you’re practicing the downward-facing dog posture on a mat at the Time Square of New York City or in your bedroom somewhere in Africa, you get to escape from your usual busy life.

Yoga is available in different forms. They include:

Hatha (an integration of various styles) – this is among the most popular yoga styles out there. Unlike most still, meditative forms of yoga, hatha is more physical. This type of yoga focuses on breath-controlled exercises (pranayamas).

A series of yoga postures (asanas) follow the breathing exercises and end with a resting session known as savasana.

During yoga, you challenge yourself physically without feeling overwhelmed. The focus at this point is on your breath with your mind being accepting and calm.

Other types and techniques of yoga include:

  • Kundalini yoga (chi or prana) for those who love chanting or singing, atop looking for a spiritual and physical practice.
  • Vinyasa yoga (vinyasa flow or flow yoga) for those looking for more movement during practice.
  • Ashtanga yoga for those looking for a routine spiritual or physical practice.
  • Yin yoga for a slower-paced practice or those who want to stretch post workout.
  • Iyengar yoga for those with physical limitations, love detailed instructions or prefer a more physical yoga form.
  • Bikram yoga for those looking for a routine physical practice and love to sweat.
  • Power yoga for those looking for less rigidity than what ashtanga offers. Opt for this yoga style if you something less spiritual for a good workout.
  • Sivananda yoga for those looking for a more spiritual and gentler yoga form.
  • Restorative yoga for those who want to relax and de-stress.
  • Prenatal yoga for those looking to ease back into exercise such as new moms and moms-to-be.
  • Aerial yoga for a non-traditional yoga experience that doesn’t involve you going upside down on your own.

Acro yoga for couples, those who want to build trust and enjoy going upside down.

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