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Steady Asana, Easy Breath, Enduring Peace with Kim Taurins

  • Active Sol Yoga 200 Bennett Street Northwest Atlanta, GA, 30309 United States (map)

One of the most profound ideas found in yogic philosophies, Sthira Sukham Asanam. Patanjali explains that every yoga posture needs to be balanced with qualities of Sthira (steady, stable, effort, steadfast) and qualities of Sukham (ease, delight, and joy). This practice is created to expand on the idea beyond even the postures themselves and weave these powerful concepts practically, off the mat and into your everyday life.

Flow through an active, creative vinyasa sequence, designed to build the alignment necessary for breath and prana to flow easily through the body, which can lead to a joyful practice. Even though the movement is challenging, you'll delight in the strength and grace with which the body moves on your behalf.

Prepare to work legs, core, arms. Explore postures to open hips, chest and shoulders. Think juicy supple body that is now ready for stillness. The class concludes with long yoga nidra (yoga sleep).

Prepare to relax your eye lashes. Yoga nidra is a systematic meditation designed to guide the mind into a deep, restorative state. Journey through the extremes to understand the underlying oneness of duality, because it is only through experience that you gain understanding.